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First and most importantly make sure your skin is not tanned as we need to be able to achieve the accurate skin tone (Your natural skin tone) - If you are tanned at the time of the treatment then your scars / stretch marks will end up looking darker than the rest of your skin once your tan goes away. 

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hrs prior to appointment

  • No aspirin, ibuprofen 2 days prior 

  • No tanning, self tanners or spray tans at least 4 weeks prior

  • Drink plenty of water and come hydrated

  • Do not wear serums, toners, creams or other products the morning of your procedure

  • Please shower and gently exfoliate the area(s) to be treated the morning of your procedure.




  • Leave the area covered with the film the artist applied for 6hrs then remove it to air dry 

  • Do not take Advil or any other anti-inflammatory 24hrs following your procedure

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing for 3 days

  • Do not consume alcohol for the first 3 days

  • Apply aftercare 2 X day or as required to keep the area(s) hydrated (for 45 days to help area stay moisturized and heal more rapidly) -

  • Recommended aftercare is CeraVe.  (100% Organic Coconut oil can be used alternatively if a natural option is preferred)

  • Avoid Sweating for 8 full days (No gym, no working out, etc.)

  • Avoid tanning, beach, pool, Jacuzzis, and direct sun exposure for no less than 60 days

  • Do not use other ointments, creams, or antibiotics until fully healed.

  • Redness, Swelling, Tightness, and Sunburned feeling are all usual for the first five days

  • Area will become dry, flakey, and possibly a small amount of scabbing (DO NOT PICK) - reapply aftercare ointment

  • 60 days post treatment you must use sunscreen when treated areas are exposed to the sun
    It is normal that camouflaged area(s) to look darker first before appearing lighter again. This is normal 

  • Healing for Camouflage typically takes 60 days but in some cases it can take longer and up to 3-4 months. We all heal differently and at a different pace. Be patient please

  • Remember, your skin has been purposely wounded, and it must be treated carefully and kept clean at all times. Not following the aftercare instructions will compromise your results and or can result in an infection.

  • If at any time you start experiencing a fever or your treated area(s) become painful, please let us know and seek immediate medical care to ensure it is not an infection or allergic reaction.

  • Send us updated photos every two weeks via text or email so that we can closely monitor your healing progress.

  • A follow up appointment will be scheduled about 6 – 8 weeks post treatment. We will reach out to you to schedule. 

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