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Please review all the information provided for the service you are booking. Review the FAQs to determine whether or not you are a candidate for the service. To ensure you are prepared for the procedure, please review the PRE-CARE and AFTERCARE sections.

In the event that you still have questions after reviewing the information, we are available to assist. Call or text us at 949-424-2104

The Artistry Policy / Reschedules / Cancelations

  • How to Prepare for your Appointment
  • Brows Permanent Makeup Aftercare
  • Lip Blush Aftercare
  • How to Prepare for your Appointment
  • Is it painful?
    Before the procedure, we apply a top-notch numbing cream to ensure you feel minimal to no pain.
  • When will I notice results?
    The kind of ink or coloring used, how old the tattoo is, its size, and how many times it's been covered up before, all influence how quickly you'll notice changes during removal. Using the UNDO method can cut down removal treatments needed by 50-80% compared to alternatives like LASER. You might even see some fading after just one UNDO treatment.
  • How does it work?
    The deracination serum contains natural ingredients like bentonite, aloe leaf extract, and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate. This serum is made to awaken the ink in your skin and bring it to the surface. It also moisturizes your skin from below and boosts elasticity, helping it heal better and with less scarring.
  • What is in the treatment masks?
    The Lifting Clay mask has a unique composition and can act as a magnet that attracts negatively charged toxins as well as any additional ink brought to the surface during the Deracination process. People have been using calcium bentonite clay for centuries as a way to detoxify the body and improve skin tone. The Healing Microcurrent masks include Tissue X® technology which is the world’s first TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System) which conveniently delivers the benefits of iontophoresis treatments to the skin, as used by many dermatologists. Using Tissue X® technology our healing microcurrent masks deliver the active ingredients and macromolecule healing compounds, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins into deeper layers of the skin.
  • How many treatments are required?
    Several things affect this: how deep the ink is, the type used, how old the tattoo is, and if it's been touched up. Small tattoos might need just 2-3 sessions. UNDO can lighten or remove any color, but LASER only works well on certain colors.
  • UNDO Aftercare
    1. Keep the area clean and open to the air. Do not cover with a Band-Aid or anything else, leave it open to air. Air/oxygen provides good and faster healing. You should not be touching the area at all but if you find yourself needing to please make sure your hands are exceptionally clean. 2. Clean the area by blotting with saline or sterile wipes 3 times a day on the day of the service. (Do not ice area) 3. Starting the night of the service and for the next 10 days, you will be washing the area with a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil, Dial or Dove using only your fingertips and lukewarm water. You will proceed to gently pat dry with a paper towel AND you will apply a thin layer of the Colloidal Silver Gel with a clean Q-tip 3 times a day. 4. Continue blotting the area with a clean paper towel or gauze 3 to 4 times a day as needed to help keep the area dry. 5. Do not soak or wet the treated area in water. You can shower as normal but keep the area out of the shower spray the best you can and do not let the area stay wet for more than a few minutes. It is best to keep it dry but if you do get it wet gently pat dry. 5. NO SWEATING, HOT SHOWERS, BATHING, SWIMMING, SAUNAS, HOT TUBS, TANNING, OR EXERCISE. NO EXCEPTIONS FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS. - These can all introduce bacteria, cause infection and or disrupt the process. 6. Do not disrupt the scabbing process (i.e. no picking, scratching, etc.) All scabbing needs to fall off naturally. If you force or pick a scab off you will disrupt the process and possibly cause scarring. It is critical to keep the scabs on as long as possible to achieve optimum results. 7. Treat the area with TLC and keep it clean and dry at all times. 8. Do not wear any makeup, other creams/ointments until all scabs have fallen off. And do not use retinol, fillers, Botox on or around the area for at least 3 weeks. 9. Once all scabbing has naturally fallen off, continue applying the aftercare gel 3 to 4 times a day (throughout the day) for a minimum of 4 weeks, or until the next lightening session. 10. After the healing is complete it is imperative to apply an SPF of 30 or higher containing zinc to protect the area “after” all scabbing has flaked off.
  • How to Prepare for your Appointment
    * Do not tan or have a sunburn near the treated area. * Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil or Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure. * No alcohol 24 hours before procedure.


UNDO Tattoo Lightening & 



We appreciate you!

We truly appreciate you considering The Artistry for your treatments. We understand this may be a little overwhelming, however, we want you to be fully informed. Also keep in mind we are here every step of the way!

Customer Review

"Got my eyebrows micro bladed/micro shaded after years of being afraid of permanent makeup. I mean it's my face! So that automatically makes it terrifying. But after doing a TON of research and following Priscilla's work, I knew she was the one who I could trust to do an amazing job." 

- Katie H.

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