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This treatment is an excellent solution for clients with hyper-pigmented (dark) and textured scars resulting from an injury or post-surgery. For this treatment and each session, we remove existing layers of damaged scar tissue to allow new, healthier skin to regenerate. The results will reveal a smoother and lighter scar, making your scar less noticeable. Please note a serum that contains vitamins and minerals is used, and no inks or pigments are used; however, this service is often combined with our Ink Camouflage Tattoo.

•Scars must be at least one year old and fully healed

•Liposuction Scars must be at least six months old

•2-4 sessions may be required depending on desired results.

•It does not work on Keloid Scars

•There is no downtime; healing time is usually 4 to 8 weeks.


This Treatment is perfect for you if you have dark and textured scars, including but not limited to: Breast Surgical Scars; Lipo Scars; BBL Scars; Tummy Tuck Scars; Brachioplasty Scars; Mommy Makeover Scars; Injury Scars, C-Section Scars, and more.

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