Are you ready for a career change?  Have you been thinking of joining the Cosmetic Tattoo industry but feel discouraged?  We know it can be intimidating and scary to begin a new career path, and Priscilla understands that completely!  She has built this course with that in mind and is making sure you get as much knowledge out of this to ensure your new journey is a positive and successful one.  Priscilla has over 15 years in the beauty industry plus a little over 5 years in the Permanent Makeup field.  She continues to invest in herself and her own education to always stay ahead of the newest trends in the industry.  She is 8x certified by the top trainers and she is wanting to share all that she has learned from each and every one of them including her own experiences in the industry- it hasn't always been rosy.  Get ready for intense learning and jam packed knowledge.  NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NEEDED! In this course, you will learn everything you require to get started on your new career.  Priscilla believes in quality and not quantity therefore her classes are limited to 4-6 students.  You will get ongoing support 24/7 and is only successful if you are! 


Course Content

  • Skin Analysis + Fitzpatrick Scale⁣ + Undertones + Skin Tones

  • How to perform Priscilla's NatuRealistic method of Microblading + Microshading

  • Learn Proper stretch + needle depth for optimum results

  • Basic + Advanced Microblading hair patterns + Guy brows

  • Basic Color Theory + Pigment overview: Organic vs. Inorganic + Hybrid

  • HyperReal Brow Design + Mapping⁣, Tailor your brow shapes for different face shapes

  • Microshading + Hybrid combo placement; how to combine with Microblading for the best of both worlds result

  • Machine theory, hand movements, speed, pixels

  • All about Tools Theory: needles & microblades⁣

  • How to turn your consultations into appointments⁣

  • How to turn Consultations into appointments, Client transparency + management,  Intake + Medical forms

  • Health + Sanitation⁣ Practices, BBP proper set up and tear down

  • Marketing guidance + Photo Editing Tips⁣ + Social Media tips for an organic following and clientele

  • Business startup guidance- Software + Programs for business practices + Get Organized from the start


What's Included?

  • 6 days of Intense Theory, Practice⁣ & 3 Live Demos 

  • Last Day - Student Live Model

  • Learn Priscilla’s signature NatuRealistic technique for both microblading and microshading

  • Elite Training Kit, Packed with Priscilla's favorite supplies for up to 30 Clients.  Includes a quality wireless machine powered by Zola

  • Additional 3 days of In studio guidance after competing her 6 Day training includes 5 student models to help build your Portfolio

  • Plus 5 additional days of Shadowing⁣ Priscilla: watch her perform several sessions and ask questions

  • Eligible for Discounted Apprenticeship Program⁣ & other trainings by Priscilla 

  • Snacks, drinks provided + Lunches for 3 of the 6 days

  • 2 Certificates of Attendance for NatuRealistic Microblading and Microshading Techniques


Elite Kit Includes

  • Zola tattoo machine

  • Brow mapping tools; Caliper, Sticker Rulers, Ruler + more

  • Disposable 18U hand tools by Tina Davies

  • Pack of 25 Disposable blades by Bowler Esthetics

  • Pack of 10 hand tools by Bowler Esthetics

  • Disposable Eyebrow Razors

  • Wax Pencils for Brow Mapping

  • Prep Supplies: Alcohol wipes + cotton rounds + plastic wrap + felt does 50pcs. + Pointy Qtips 100pcs.

  • Water wipes

  • Aftercare Balm for 10 clients

  • Pre + Post Numbing : Zensa / Tag 45

  • Disposable Ink cups + Finger Rings

  • Ink Cup + Machine Holder

  • Pack of Kwadron Needles

  • Permablend Pigments: Light to Dark Pigments

  • Latex skins for practice

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