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  • Upon arrival at your home you may remove the wrap or gauze we covered your treatment area with.

  • Gently Wash the area with Antibacterial soap and only use your fingertips and do NOT scrub or rub.

  • Avoid ALL exposure to the sun for at least 45 days.

  • Do NOT apply any lotions, Neosporin or any ointments to the treated area.

  • You may use a tiny bit of A&D or Aquaphor ‘IF and ONLY when you experience itchiness. Gently dab a very thin layer with a clean Q-tip to that area only and as needed. (In the first two weeks we must Dry Heal)

  • Do NOT work out or sweat for the first week as this can increase inflammation or introduce bacteria and cause infection.

  • NO swimming, jacuzzi, sauna, baths, lakes, rivers, ocean, etc for 2 weeks. This can also introduce bacteria to your wounds and cause an infection.

  • Area should start scabbing around 1-2 weeks - DO NOT pick or remove scabs as this will cause for more scar tissue.

  • At the 2 week mark and once ALL scabs have naturally fallen off, start applying the Aftercare oil we provided you with. Apply 3X a day for the next 2 weeks.

  • Please note the aftercare oil we provided is essential for proper healing and optimal results- so please do not skip this step.

  • Do not apply any other additional products without the approval of our technicians first and foremost.

On day 14 please text a CLEAR PHOTO IN NATURAL LIGHTING WITH your full name to (949) 424-2104, to track your

healing and to schedule your FOLLOW UP session if needed.


  • The area(s) treated will be bright red, swollen, and perhaps even a little tender to the touch. This is normal. It will all subside over the next week.

  • As your skin starts healing, you may see some of the top layers of skin peel and begin seeing a thick scab form; this is entirely normal and a part of the healing process.

  • Please remember that the better you do at keeping your scar and scabs dry, the faster they will heal and the better results you will obtain.

  • If you experience a fever or increased pain on or around the treated area during the healing process, please see a Doctor so they can determine if you have had an allergic reaction or have an infection.

  • Healing process is 4 - 6 weeks

  • All sessions must be five weeks apart to allow your skin to heal between sessions properly.

  • After your second session, you will have the option to add the Ink Camouflage treatment. If you're interested in this service, please contact our studio for more information or to book your treatment.

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