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1. What solution do you use and what is Li-FT® exactly? We use Li-FT® Saline Lightening Solution. It is a non-chemical, non-acid, high salt-based, fruit seed extract saline tattoo lightening product that is very effective.

2. What are the ingredients? Sea salt, Lemon seed extract, Orange seed extract, Aloe Vera, and Sterile Water. Our solution is safe and is Certified Vegan.

3. How does it work? The saline tattoo removal solution is used and applied to the skin where the pigment was initially positioned. During the healing process, the undesirable pigment will be pulled through the process of osmosis and it will append to the scab that will form. The scab with the unwanted pigment will naturally fall off. Because of this process, it is very important that the scab is kept dry at all times and
it is not picked on or removed. It must fall off naturally.

4. What can I expect during the healing process? Area will be a little swollen and will start scabbing after a few days. The scabs will look dark and will fall off completely within 14 days. Once healed the area (eyebrows, etc) may appear darker than before but that is normal since the pigment is slowly being lifted higher with each session until it all comes out of the skin.

5. How long must I wait in between sessions? At least 8 weeks (no exceptions) The skin needs adequate time to heal. We have found the results are even better with the longer healing time

6. I am a candidate for this treatment, will you be able to completely remove the tattoo/Permanent Makeup? - We are not able to guarantee that we can because there are too many variables that affect this process.

7. How many sessions will I require? Typically at least 3 sessions to substantially fade but several more to achieve the best and your desired results. It also depends on the depth of color. * Please know this is a process that will require your patience.

8. Will you be able to completely remove the permanent makeup/tattoo? Saline as with most laser treatments, can substantially fade, lift, and lighten unwanted or poorly done permanent makeup to the point where it is no longer visible or as close to invisible as possible but we cannot guarantee results.

9. Are there any risks? There are risks of scarring and hypo-pigmentation as with ANY other form of removal, especially on darker skin types. Also, there is a risk of infection but only if you the client do not follow the aftercare instructions to the T.

Who is NOT a candidate for Li-FT Saline Tattoo Lightening?
● If your Permanent makeup treatment was done less than 8 weeks ago (we
must wait until the skin heals completely)
● If you are under 18yrs of age
● Anyone who is Pregnant or Nursing
● Anyone with active skin cancer on the treatment area
● Anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation 
● Anyone with diabetes
● Anyone with an “active” infection of any type (Viral, Fungal or bacterial) 
● Anyone with HIV or Hepatitis or any other transmittable blood conditions
● Anyone on Accutane (must be off of it for at least 6 months)
● Anyone taking blood thinners
● Anyone with herpes or hives 
● Anyone with scleroderma or prone to keloids
● Hemophilia/bleeding disorders
● Anyone allergic to: Aloe vera, Citrus or Salt

Clients with any of the following conditions require a doctor’s approval:
● Cardiac disease/abnormalities
● Telangiectasia/erythema
● Collagen Vascular Disease
● If on a Micro-dose of Accutane


● Laser removal works by producing a short pulse of intense light that penetrates deep enough down into the skin, then it is absorbed by the pigment. The intense light breaks up the pigment into tiny fragments, the Pigment is pushed back “into” the body and removed by the lymph and waste system. Saline lifts the pigment “up and out” of the body by the process of Osmosis.

● Lasers are painful and expensive vs. Saline removal is less painful and more affordable.
● Laser tattoo removal cannot see/treat certain colors vs. Saline is effective on all colors.
● Laser can turn titanium into black or gray
● Lasers can damage the skin and produce more scarring vs. Saline is more gentle.
● Laser can permanently remove brow hair
● Laser removal requires at least six weeks of recovery time between treatments. With saline removal, the skin must heal for 8 to 10 weeks between sessions.

● Both Laser and Saline treatments take multiple sessions and the number of sessions needed for either depends on many factors so it is impossible to predict.

We can tell you that with Saline we see a substantial amount of fading within 5 sessions on most cases.

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