Stretch marks on female legs. A woman's hand holds a fat cellulite and a stretch mark on h



Inkless Stretch Mark Rejuvenation (ISR) is a new beauty treatment which makes stretch marks less visible and in some cases obsolete. A serum of mixed organic oils and lightening ingredients are penetrated in the treatment area which encourages the regeneration of Fibroblast cells, Collagen + Elastin which leads to a shrinkage, smoothening and a faded appearance of stretch marks.

Healing varies and in some cases only one session is needed, however every case is different and multiple sessions may be required. Popular areas of treatment are: arms, legs, stomach, buttocks, thighs, waist and breasts. Patch tests are available and required for darker skin tones and Fitzpatrick scale 4-6.

SMALL AREA $300 - $400 for Initial Session

Breast | Arms | Calves

MEDIUM AREA $400 - $500 for Initial Session

Glutes | Thighs | Hips

LARGE AREA $500 - $800 for Initial Session

Back | Abdomen

PATCH TEST $75 30 Min